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I am a Freelance Writer and Children’s Picture Book Author, based in the UK. My first two children’s picture books are part of the ‘Time to Care’ series, listed below.

OUT NOW – Nanook and the Melting Arctic

“We live in a world that’s closely connected,

When you do bad things, we’re all affected.”

Nanook is a caring polar bear who lives in the Arctic. But when his igloo starts melting, Nanook must find a way to save his friends and his home. He knows that the people who can help are also those who’ve caused the problem and he must find a way to convince leaders to act on the climate crisis! More information is available here.



Reviews of Nanook and the Melting Arctic

“Bright and lively, with a positive message.” – Clare O’Beara, Fresh Fiction

“This book has a sweet rhyme scheme that kids will love, paired with cute illustrations that make these big concept ideas about climate change accessible… My favorite part of the book might just be those who Nanook travels to confront. World leaders and big business can have the most profound impact on climate change, and that’s who most needs to be taking it seriously. Seeing Nanook confront big business and world leaders is satisfying, and I love that the onus is on the big businesses and not just everyday people.” – Christine, Paw Prints in the Sink

Nanook and the Melting Arctic will inspire so much discussion. From the portraits of Greta Thunberg and James Hansen on Nanook’s igloo wall to his signs made from plastic pollution to his heart-felt pleas for people to change their ways, children will see just how important it is that we work together to protect the Earth.” – Kate Heap, Scope for Imagination

“A gentle rhyming story is a perfect way to help us talk to our little ones about the problems that our planet faces. Perfect timing too with the upcoming COP26 conference where the world’s leaders take centre stage and hopefully agree on some serious action.” – Nicky Hudson, It’s All About Stories

“Nanook paints a picture of what global warming & climate change can do to animals’ habitats in an enduring, heartfelt way. Teaching young children about environmental issues is a great way to help in the future. These little ones will be dealing with the same issues if things don’t change. Knowledge can bring change. Children can learn about this important topic while enjoying Nanook, the adorable polar bear. The illustrations are sure to jump out to children with their swirly blend of color. I like picture books that teach a lesson in a kid-friendly way. Nanook certainly does that.” – Latisha’s Low Key Life

“A very sweet and simple book about how human activity is leading to global warming, that is leading to destroying planet earth; about how if we start caring, and make changes, the earth will regenerate. I loved the art work in the book. My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 ” – Batty and Anjali

” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5. This was a beautifully illustrated , it complimented the story perfectly. This book is aimed at young readers between 5-7. This is a story of the devastating effects of climate change on the world , it is done in such a way that it isn’t patronising, it shows children what is happening in the world and how things we do can effect what happens in the world… I think this book is a great way to teach kids about climate change , the way the book reads it flows easily throughout, with rhyming to keep the child’s mind active on it. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone with young children.” – Sophie, Blogger

“This little book was great to open up a conversation with my 8 year old about climate change. She liked Nanook’s character alot… Overall a good informative read.” – Melissa, Craft and Book Junkie NI

“It is a wonderful and very thoughtful book which can help your kids understand more about the nature and how to take care of our mother earth. The illustrations are so beautiful and the cover too. I really loved this book and highly recommended.” – Aathira’s Book Zone

“Book Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Nanook is an adorable polar bear who obviously lives in an igloo who loves to read. I loved how cheerful he was and the illustrations showed his personality. I love the environmental message of what we are doing to the world. It really is something children need to be aware of how life is changing for animals who live in the Arctic. I loved how Nanook tries to rescue the animals. It’s important for us all as parents to understand the message of looking after every animal big or small and to really think about the earth in so many different ways. I know it got me thinking about the climate crisis. I loved the image close to the end and showing all the harm us as humans are doing to the world. I loved how the illustrations really popped out the images visually to the words. It got me thinking about the life choices I make. I adored reading this with my kids and gaining their understanding on climate change and what they’ve learned in school so far not only from this book. It got the conversation flowing. Definitely one that aims to educate both adults and children.” – Nicola, Twilight Reader

This is a sweet story of Nanook, a polar bear, who is surprised to find his home is melting. He sets out to discover why this is happening and what he can do to stop it. The illustrations are bright and colourful and the message powerful in this picture book. I enjoyed the rhyming which helped keep the heavy topic lighter for children. It was good to see such an important topic covered in this book.” – Alison Arif, Dreaming of Selfcare

What a lovely tale with a very important message. I adored the idea that Nanook loved books! It really highlights on an easily understandable level how the things we do affect the world. I am a KS1 teacher and read this to the children in assembly and we had a wonderful discussion about what we could do to save the Earth. I think the fact that Nanook made a difference made them feel like they could too!” – Claire, Teacher


Hedgey-A and the Honey Bees

“We have to do something before it’s too late,

To help save bees from a horrible fate.”

One day Hedgey-A is visited by his friend Brizzy the honey bee. Hedgey-A learns that bees are becoming sick because chemicals called pesticides are being used on plants. But he knows just what to do and sets off for London to see the Queen, who he hopes can help save the bees!

Signed copies of Hedgey-A and the Honey Bees (illustrated by Paul Winward), are now available from Maldon Books.

Praise for Hedgey-A and the Honey Bees

“This really is a superb children’s book.” – Georgina Downs, Multi Award Winning Journalist Campaigner

“A charming book that has an important environmental message which is written well for 5-7 year old children. It has great rhythm to its story-telling rhyme, which really captures children of these ages and has a good energy to it as well as some humour.” – Louise, Bookmarks And Stages

“Awareness of the natural environment around us is vital, and bee colonies are in great trouble, so this book is extremely well timed and may start junior naturalists off to a good way of thinking about nature… HEDGEY-A AND THE HONEY BEES starts a series called ‘Time To Care’ which is a great message. Children, their families and educators will enjoy this little story and learn valuable lessons. Because we all need to care about others, and that makes the world work better.” – Clare O’Beara, Fresh Fiction

“Written by an author with a BSc in Climate Change and an MA in Creative Writing, this series has the potential to inspire many new, informed activists, much needed for the future.” – Nicky Hudson, It’s All About Stories