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The Time to Care Series

This is a series of children’s picture books looking at the different ways humans are impacting the natural world, and what we can do to tackle these issues. We face a series of major environmental challenges, from the climate crisis to biodiversity loss and habitat destruction. Yet we have it in our power to change course and create a better world, and the next generation will be key in making this happen. Each book features a different character looking at a specific ecological issue and acting to fix it wherever possible. The title of the series, ‘Time to Care’, is reference to the fact that we need to care about the natural world, because it’s been a background issue which no one cares about. Humour and rhyme with compelling illustrations create a fun way of exploring somewhat difficult topics with a younger audience of 5-7 year olds.

Hedgey-A and the Honey BeesAVAILABLE HERE

Hedgey-A and the Honey Bees Book

The first title in the Time to Care series. Hedgey-A is a friendly hedgehog who cares for and likes helping others. One day Hedgey-A is visited by his friend Brizzy the honey bee. Hedgey-A learns that bees are becoming sick because chemicals called pesticides are being used on plants. But he knows just what to do and sets off for London to see the Queen, who he hopes can help save the bees! Read more about Hedgey-A and the Honey Bees here.

You can purchase signed copies of Hedgey-A and the Honey Bees from Maldon Books.

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Nanook and the Melting ArcticAVAILABLE HERE

Nanook and the Melting Arctic Book

The second book in the series is about a caring polar bear called Nanook, who lives in the Arctic. But when his igloo starts melting, Nanook must find a way to save his friends and his home. He knows that the people who can help are also those who’ve caused the problem and he must find a way to convince leaders to act on the climate crisis! Read more about Nanook and the Melting Arctic here.