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Nanook and the Melting Arctic

“We live in a world that’s closely connected,

When you do bad things, we’re all affected.”

Nanook is a caring polar bear who lives in the Arctic. But when his igloo starts melting, Nanook must find a way to save his friends and his home. He knows that the people who can help are also those who’ve caused the problem and he must find a way to convince leaders to act on the climate crisis!

This educational rhyming picture book is aimed at 5-7 year olds. It intends to explain the climate crisis in a way that younger children can get to grips with. The book is released ahead of the COP26 climate change summit, and arrives just after the IPCC have released their report saying that current climate change is “unprecedented” in thousands of years, and that “it is unequivocal” that human activities are responsible for them. It focuses on Greenland and the Arctic as this is where rapid climate change is being witnessed, and what happens in the Arctic will affect the rest of the world.


This book will be available to pre-order shortly. Release is anticipated for September 2021.